HHS Pommies

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HHS Pommies

Adison Johnson

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What is Pomline? Pom is a mixture of cheerleading and a dance company. Pom includes a kickline and dances with pom poms, hence the name. Hamiltons pomline has been around for five complete seasons, starting back in 2013. The team consists of 13 girls varying from senior to freshman. This is Pom coach, Megan Besch, fifth year coaching for Hamilton and fourth year with varsity pom.

Coach Megan Besch previously coached at Williams Field for three years before transferring to Hamilton. Some of her seniors this year she has coached since they were freshman!  She tells of how she loves the family environment the team brings, “We are a very close team; We are all there supporting each other and cheering each other on!” To make a team great, you have to unite as one and become each others backbones.

There are 3 seniors out of the 13 girls on the team. Some of the girls like Jaiden Stubbs (12) has been apart of the program during all four years of highschool. “[she] Started off freshman year apart of the JV team with a different coach,” Jaden has been a captain for Varsity Pom for two years.

Even some newer girls think about their favorite times of the season. Amanda Clonts, a junior at Hamilton, has been on the team for two years. Prior to the Pomline, Amanda has been “dancing for about 12-13 years.”When asked what her favorite time of the season is, Clonts loves Home Games and competing at the National competition in Orlando Florida on January 31st.

It is a busy year for these girls, from assemblies to football games, and finding time to practice for competitions somewhere in there. The Pom team at Hamilton really know how to get the crowd involved and entertain everyone.

The Hamilton Pomline competes for the first time November 17th for AIA state qualifier! Come out and support your Pommies huskies!!

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