What is Urban Lemmings?

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What is Urban Lemmings?

Arabella Hammerich

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Did you know there is an improv club at Hamilton? Urban Lemmings a club that puts on very funny and exciting shows, all made up in the moment!

Urban Lemmings performs at least once a quarter, sometimes with themed shows. When asked what makes these shows entertaining, Adrian Dozal (12) said “Every show is different and you never know what’s going to happen; not even the people on stage know what’s going to happen because we work with audience suggestions… probably the most exciting thing about it is you don’t know what you’re going to get and it eventually becomes this wacky, discombobulated thing that’s really cool to watch.” The Uban lemmings shows are unique and audience interactive; they play improv games on stage and take suggestions from the audience for their scenes.

As with any form of theatre, the crew has to have good chemistry to create a good performance. When asked about the relationships in Urban Lemmings, Adrian Dozal said “By practicing together every week, the members develop a sort of chemistry with each other and that helps the dynamic on stage because we’re really able to bounce of off each other and use that to create scenes that end up being hilarious.” The shows are definitely worth seeing because the great chemistry on stage creates a scene that keeps the audience entertained and laughing.

It is important for all clubs to grow and change, but Urban Lemmings has some exciting ideas. The secretary, Jacob Heinkel (11) said “Some ideas i think will really progress the club into becoming more popular on campus are having sponsored shows for different departments, doing more shows, competing with other schools, and making it more accessible to students around the school.” Many people at Hamilton haven’t heard of Uban Lemmings, but they are quickly going to become more well known, so get ready to see more of this funny club!

Want to join Urban Lemmings? Riley Van Cleve (11) recommends joining, saying “Lemmings is a really good way to get out of your shell and work on being able to come up with things on the spot while also being a good way to work out your funny bone. Overall, you make a lot of really good friendships, you get more comfortable being in front of people, and it helps with public speaking, so I think there’s something for everyone.” Whether you’re looking for a learning experience, new friends or just laughs, Urban Lemmings is the club to join

Go see the upcoming show in December, audition for Lemmings next year, and be on the lookout for more from this funny, wacky club.  

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