Hamilton Chess Team Crushes State!


Emma Lavoie

The pressure is on as you look at the checkerboard, they have more players, but you have a plan that takes patience and is almost guaranteed to win. Move after move you get closer to your opponent’s king, ‘checkmate’. The grin spreads across your face as they realize they have nowhere to go. The Hamilton Chess team is one of the best, filled with determined students who love to play the game.

The season is almost coming to a close with 14 games under the chess team’s belt and we are ready for the state competition. Giving kudos to them for just last weekend winning the regional title on their final game. Members to congratulate for wonderful playing are; Michael Buyer, Rick Sun, Joseph Wang, Nagaprasad Rudrapatna, Michael Chen, Vincent Sin, Anvi Joshi, and Sundar Karra. Last year the team did make it to state and brought home the winning title, this year they are hopeful about keeping their streak.

“Chess is everything: art, science, and sport,” said Anatoly Karpov, a Russian Chess Grandmaster. Making it all the way to state is hard enough, but the members have to participate in tournaments to qualify for  playing in state. Qualifiers determine who goes to state and out of 12 players who qualified for state, six of those are Hamilton students! Congratulations to Michael Buyer, Rick Sun, Joseph Wang, Michael Chen, Vincent Sin, and Naga Rugapatna. With having made state, it is very exciting, but practice is not over for the yet.. “[I’m] going over my tactics just to be prepared” Parker Stahl (11) exclaims. “I play online and practice,” Michael Chen (10) said when concerning the topic of preparation.

With members working hard, and an amazing advisor, Annie Pan, to help them along we are sure to win. Stay updated over the announcements and on the school website. The school is right behind our chess team, cheering them all the way to state! The AIA State Team Chess Championship was held in Tucson this past Friday and Saturday. Congratulations to Rick Sun, who won best board two, and Aryan Eskambe, who won 1st place in the JV section. Please Congratulate our talented players when you see them and wish them luck for AIA individual championships on November 16th and 17th!