Finals Week!

Finals Week!

isabella klemeneic

Finals week is here. The stress and pressure is on, with the holidays coming, and test flooding the last days of school. Families in town, traveling, and with work, when is there time for studying!

Can we make it through these last two days?

The last two days before the final test students are hustling to open those books and flip through notes. With the holidays right around the corner, Christmas festivities he be put on hold to take these tests. Gianna Nierrie(12) talks about if she has time or not for studying saying “no i have family coming in town for the holidays, and six finals to take, i don’t have time”. Christmas and timing for finals are getting the way. For some students, they are coping with studying with friends. Bradley Honer(12) explains he is going to “get with people over the weekend to study for my three finals”. There are ways to get through this, and students will push through.

Truly dedicated students have huge plans for studying the next couple days. Alyssa Esquivel (11) said “I’m studying from when I get home till I go to bed and not leaving the house”. If your laid back or study fanatic, good luck to everyone on their finals and studying the next couple days.

Get ready for the next three days seeing Black Rock and Starbucks flooded with students in their books, and laptops studying away. Watch out for the sleeps deprived students, and have fun to the chill Netflix scholars.

Good luck and game on.