Speech and Debate Wins First Place in Sweepstakes!

Lauren Craig, Managing Editor

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Over Jan. 4, 5, and 6th, Hamilton speech and debate competed at the Hughs Down Tournament, where they recently won first place out of 141 schools from around the country at the Hugh Downs Tournament, for Sweepstakes! Hugh Downs School Invitational is the largest high school speech and debate tournament in Arizona. According to ASU, “Almost 2,000 students and judges participated in the 2018 event, and a similar attendance count is expected for the 2019 tournament.” As mentioned before, HHS Speech and Debate won Sweepstakes which means that they won 1st place in overall points. They earned these points by “how well HHS competed, most entries to compete, and the most people who got to finals,” said Ayesha Raman (11), Policy Leader. Hamilton is so proud of our Speech and Debate team!

This win did not just come out of nowhere, Hamilton has worked hard to improve over the years! Amrutha Obulasetty, team member, said, “from the start of the season, I always knew our policy team would carry us through… From previous years, speech and debate was relatively small within Policy, but this year we have so many now. We have good captains, coaches, and topics. We are all so passionate and really thriving,” noting just how valuable this win was for Hamilton.

Congratulations to all who participated!

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