Photography Trip to Europe


Chloe Dickinson

It’s so important to get out into the world and have new experiences, learn about other cultures, and get to know people. The Photography program at Hamilton does an incredible job at helping students accomplish all of these things. Students are given the opportunity to go on many many trips smaller day trip throughout the year to places around Arizona but out of the country trips are planned every year as well. Students throughout the years have been given the opportunity to travel to places such as Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Peru and many other places.

This year was the 16th trip planned where students got to travel to Europe. Mr. McKinnon, the photography teacher, coordinates all of these trip every year. He says, “The reason I do it is I love to travel and I really love what it does for the students, not only for their photography but it gives them a different world view.” Being able to take students to other parts of the world, and giving students who haven’t been able to travel and students who are very well-traveled to opportunity to try something new is very exciting. Many students are given a once in a lifetime experience.

Photography curriculum builds up as students go from learning the basics of a camera to building portfolios and experimenting with their artwork. Mr. McKinnon says that “as far as what I teach in Photography, I thinks it’s the pinnacle of what we do because most of these students bring back 3 to 5 thousand photos of far away, exotic places and take more photographs on this 11 day tour than they do during the rest of the year.” Students that are able to be a part of this trip are very enthusiastic and are infused with excitement about the chance to take these photographs.

On this trip, students are given a lot of freedom. They are able to walk around, go shopping and sightseeing, all while learning how to take pictures on the go. It’s an incredible opportunity and students love going and are excited to go back each and every year.