Finals are Right Around the Corner


Hannah Ferraro

We are in the home stretch and we are almost done with this school year. The final step we have before summer break is… finals; they are final test of the year that no one is excited for.

Finals are the one thing that every high school student dreads but what if there was a way where you didn’t have to stress so much? The basic principle of not stressing out on finals doesn’t happen in one swoop, it’s done throughout the whole year. This is the best tool there is when it comes to finals. Starting from quarter 1, you need to put in a little of effort on your school work and shoot for an A or a B. Then in the second and third quarters you need to focus and turn in all your work and if you miss a day you need to be sure to turn it in the every next day. Now what matters now is the semester grade, if it is an A or a B finals will be a breeze.

Finals affects your semester cumulative of both quarters so this is where the magic comes in. If your semester cumulative is at an A, B, or high C then you can miss more questions on the test without needed to stress too much. Ammal ismail (10) says, “Finals for me isn’t too stressful since I did good throughout the school year. I am excited for summer break though.” It’s important to still put in all of your effort, but if there is a question you are weary on give it your best try and maybe your semester grades can help back you up.

Next on the list is some self care. During these final few weeks it’s important to be getting enough sleep. Sleep is the time your body takes to repair itself from a stressful day so make sure you are getting enough of it. Also, breakfast is important during finals week even if you don’t normally eat breakfast. Something as simple as a granola bar is important. Lauren McNeil (10) says, “I have started bringing smoothies for breakfast especially during finals because it gives me nutrients and it keeps me motivated throughout the day.” Fruits are a great alternative for a small breakfast.

Don’t forgot some of these tips while you are taking your finals. If you are struggling during the test put down your pencil for a quick minute and breathe. It can be hard to stay in the zone and not get stress so make sure to take a breather. Summer is almost here!