Summer Break is coming!


Arabella Hammerich and Jay Jay Quintana

Summer break is just around the corner, and even with all of student’s attention on finals, everyone is anticipating their summer vacation.

Some students like to travel on summer break. Jessica Wastchak (10) said that “my family and I are going on vacation in California. I’m really looking forward to it.” California is a popular summer vacation spot, and many students are anticipating their getaway.

However, not everyone goes on vacation. Kristiana Corona (10) stated “I’m not going anywhere, but I’m still looking forward to having a break from school.” While not all students get to go on vacation, they’re still anticipating summer break. Everyone is looking forward to their vacation from school.

Many students also have other plans for summer break. Aundrea Lester (10) said that “this summer my main goal is to try to grow and improve myself, and spend more time focusing on myself rather than school.” Growth and improvement are always admirable goals, and summer is the perfect time to set those goals, since they can have full attention. Many students will be coming back to school next year having made a lot of progress through a productive summer.

In conclusion, summer break launches off on may 29th, and everyone is super excited for the new school year to take effect. From hearing from everyone else, everyone’s plans are in effect already and people are just waiting for the week to have fun and finally get to relax after this long year.