In-school Relaxation


Germaine Jacques

With high school comes stress, but here at Hamilton High, we have a dedicated room to help students reduce their stress and anxiety. The Mindfulness room teaches students some techniques of Mindfulness Meditation. Many can benefit from the 20-minute sessions in room E223.

According to Jodi Valeska (10), “The setting alone makes you feel calm.” The room has dim-lighting and comfortable sac chairs for students to relax in. Walking into the room, Brian Peredo (10) says, “It gives a very good vibe and an automatic sense of relaxation.” During the exercises, ocean noises or music will play lightly in the background while the exercises are being instructed. Some of the exercises can include breathing and using your senses.

While in the Mindfulness room, there are no loud noises. To Estephanie Navarro (11), the most calming part is “the silence.” Many students can agree that silence plays a big role in what the Mindfulness room is all about. All students want is a calming silence after walking through the crowded and outrageous halls of the school.

Be sure to sign up for your 20-minute session at E223 during your lunch and bring along some friends!