The Husky Room


Credit: Lizz Shields

Julia Carson and Lizz Shields

Throughout the four thousand students at Hamilton, multiple students have trouble with at least one subject. Teachers are always open to having students come in before or after school, but sometimes they might not be available. Well, you’re in luck because, in C-211, the husky room is open 5 days a week. From 2:20, until 3:20, students are able to come in and get help from Mr. Munczek.

The head of the husky room was asked what this program was about and how it helps the students here at Hamilton. The room mainly focuses on English and science, “If we don’t have the resources to help you, we surely can point you in the direction of somewhere that can,” says Mr. Munczek (staff.) At some point in your school year, you may experience tutoring, either for help on assignments or making up a test. “Tutoring easily saved my grade; I probably would’ve had a really rough time in math had it not been for the people willing to help me out,” says Emil Whitson (11.) If you are afraid of asking for help from a new teacher head over to the husky room where you can feel comfortable getting help. “The reason I enjoy the Husky Room is because when I go there I get all sorts of feedback and help I need for the classes I’m struggling with!” Tobin Moeller (11.) The Husky room can also give you feedback on your assignments and gives you notes on things you can work on.

In conclusion, the husky room is a safe environment where you can be confident with your academic struggles. If any further information is needed, visit the hamilton website and search ‘husky room.’  Never be afraid to ask for help and work hard to be successful in your future.