Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Shot and Edited by Zana Ryan (12)


Photo Credit: Zana Ryan

Torri Tavenner

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club (FCH), at Hamilton High school, is a student-run club supported by local evangelical churches. It is part of an international nonprofit Christian sports ministry. At their first meeting this year, the club talked about how they will grow their faith, spread good news through gospel, and shared their prayers with one another. The students in FCH are having a great time building relationships within the club. Macy Weber (12) expressed that the club makes it “fun to be around friends, build a community with the people around you, and be involved in the school.” Macy has been in FCH for all of high school and a leader for the club since her sophomore year. Katelyn Rees, another senior at Hamilton, is looking forward to “making new friends and growing her faith.” As it is her last year of high school, she joined Fellowships of Christian Athletes knowing it will broaden her perspective on her faith and make her last year of school more fun. 

Sherrie Hendricks, the head advisor for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is looking for ways to reach out to students at Hamilton and encourage them to pray with fellow students. Mrs. Hendricks noted that “teaching the FCH program has been very encouraging to see kids that love to be together and share their faith.” The response of sharing their faith has been a very positive outlook for every athlete in the club.