Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps


Lizz Shields

The US Air Force is a part of the US armed forces, and every airman goes through a specialized and thorough course of training. As a youth training course for future airmen or women, Hamilton has JROTC, the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Anyone can join and there are positive outcomes that reach your home life and your family when you join. You receive premeditated training and knowledge of joining the airforce and have guest airmen speak of the struggles and victories helping your country brings. “It basically gives experience for ROTC in college,” says Austin Harris (12) on how JROTC helps give prior knowledge about joining the US armed forces. Harris also adds, “I plan to join the airforce after graduating from ASU.” The cooperation also helps build social skills, “It’s so fun and we all have each other’s backs,” says Elycia Hillary on the subject of teamwork and trust within the flight. The hard part of JROTC seems to be holding yourself to the hard work and being cooperative with the rules and expectations the flight upholds. “You just need to apply yourself,” says Gabriel Hilton on advice for any future JROTC members.

Through the course of training, these young cadets learn teamwork skills and defense to help serve our country. They are respectful and strong, making the perfect team, so make sure to be respectful of the future US airmen and women. Stay strong huskies, and make our nation proud.