College Visits to Hamilton


Julia Carson

During the club fair, there was a table for the Career Center. At first, glance that might seem like a group that will help you figure out what job you want when you are of age. All you have to do is dig a little deeper and you will find that it deals with colleges as well. The times and dates are all over the place but managed to go to.

The main person operating this program here at school is Mrs. Lytle, so feel free to check in with her to schedule a college visit. The visits are only about 30 minutes in length and are scattered around during the month. They run throughout the day from 8:00 am-1: 30 pm. The colleges vary from coastal to local. “This program has been around ever since I’ve been here, which is about 15 years. I don’t know if the lady before me did this when she worked here” Mrs. Lytle (counselor). These college visits and emails have been around for a while, so it could be assumed that this program is very helpful to the students here at Hamilton. 

There are many reasons that students here at Hamilton get a pass to go to these visits. “They go to the visits to find out more information on specific degrees and get questions answered on the application” Mrs. Lytle (counselor). Students go to these visits to finalize and make sure this is the college for them, by asking important questions and getting the valued answers. Every single bit of knowledge they gain by doing these visits helps them become one step closer to getting the future they want. 

The number of emails received vary throughout the days and or weeks. “During the first quarter, weekly I usually get about 10 emails. Some days it could be four emails, and others it could be zero” Mrs. Lytle (counselor). Since it’s the beginning of the year students maybe haven’t had much thought about college, causing the emails to be limited but as the year goes on the numbers might go up.  You might not know where to start, so reach out to Mrs. Lytle for assistance. 

To sign up for a visit all you have to do is go to the Hamilton website, hover over the information tab and click on ‘College & Career Center.’ Then click calendar from the sidebar, and select an upcoming college visit happening this month. The last thing you will have to do is fill out the application and wait for your pass. So sign up and visit the college you want!