Off-Campus Lunch

Off-Campus Lunch

Patrick Shields

At Hamilton High School, going off-campus for lunch is not a choice that the students are given. They must stay in the cafeteria or on the outside patio and eat the food that the school provides or bring some from home. Even with all of the options just right across the street from the school like Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, Canes, etc., students are not allowed to drive or walk to those locations.

After asking what students think about off-campus lunch, Junior Nina Fresquez said, “I’m able to drive and would really like it if off-campus lunch was available. It would make lunch that much more fun.” If Hamilton were to expand their options for lunch and make off-campus lunch available to students, it would give them even more excited when coming to school. 

On the flip side, Ryker Talbot (12) said, “I feel like if we had off-campus lunch most of the students wouldn’t even come back.” It’s true, off-campus lunch almost gives a free pass to students to go ahead and ditch school. They can easily leave for lunch and just go straight home after getting food and not go back to school.

If students at Hamilton were allowed to go off-campus for lunch, in a classroom full of 28 seniors, 14 said they would go to Chick-Fil-A, 7 said they would go to Canes, 4 said they would go to MOD Pizza, and the rest said they wouldn’t go off campus at all. It’s clear that students would like the opportunity to eat at a fast-food restaurant for lunch and it would make lunch that much more fun.

Students at Hamilton would like to see the addition of off-campus lunch. While it comes with risks, the students really want to be able to go get something other than school food. It would be a nice trip with friends in the middle of the day and would make high school more exciting.