HHS Alumni as Teachers at Hamilton

Credit: Chandler School Boosters

Credit: Chandler School Boosters

Julia Carson

Some teachers at Hamilton high school were once taught here just like us. They were inspired by past educators to become a teacher themselves. The factors for them wanting to come back and teach are endless. They also get the chance to create new relationships with the teachers from their past. 

People use others around them as inspiration. Some of the teachers here found inspiration from previous teachers to work here at Hamilton. “Miss Vail was my inspiration; I had her all 4 years of high school. The community also made me want to come back,” said Ms. Boshes (faculty). Hamilton is a family. We have created a very welcoming community, that makes people want to come to our school for education and for jobs.

From then on until now our school has changed. More options have opened up for the students here at Hamilton. “This school hasn’t changed physically. The only change is the classes that are offered [such as] more online courses when I was here they didn’t have that,” Ms. Conner says (faculty). CTE classes are fresh and new for the students and teachers. It’s something they haven’t experienced until now since new technology is coming out frequently.

The alumni from the past are now working with their past teachers. Creating new and different relationships. “It was a little weird at first the first few years and now it’s gotten more comfortable and I’m used to it,” Said Coach Landwehr (faculty.) Seeing your past teachers, now as a coworker can sometimes be intimidating, and awkward but the more you work together, the more you see each other in a new light. 

Hamilton is the number one comprehensive school in this state, it inspires and welcomes all who want to work and learn here. Our family is full of faculty who came here as a student. Some may even be your teacher who could inspire you to become a teacher here at Hamilton High School.