Let’s Get Lost in Space!


Credits: @HamiltonStugo on Twitter

Adallis Pantry

Commencing the week of September 16th, 2019, was Hamilton High’s Homecoming Spirit Week! Students and teachers dressed accordingly each day, from full black to galaxy colors. On Friday, September 20th, the Homecoming assembly highlighted each grade: Freshman wore gray, sophomores red, juniors blue, and seniors wore yellow. At the assembly, students tensions were high in anticipation for the game later that evening, except for star wide receiver Brenden Rice (12), who stated that “I think that we’re going to exceed our expectations,” and he was correct; the Huskies beat Mountain Pointe 42-13.

After a successful start to homecoming weekend, all students were looking forward to the Saturday evening: the dance. Students were excited about everything; from the theme (Aaliyah Mcclendon-11) to the set up (Francesca Martin- 10), to the dressing up (Mia Lockhart- 12), to the music (Bridgette Danquah- 11), students were ecstatically waiting for the arrival of the homecoming dance. When the night arrived, it was proved to be a night to remember! From 8-11 pm on Saturday night, the Hamilton gymnasium was filled with lights, music, and students were dressed up and ready to party! 

With a Homecoming 2019 that was beyond out of this world, students can’t wait to see what the Student Government has in store for next year!!!