Model U.N. Conference


Ava Price

Saturday, October 26, Model U.N. had its first of two major conferences. It took place at Westwood High School and lasted for 10 hours. The conference was described as more collaborative than competitive and a great opportunity for students to band together and discuss what they’ve been working on. Model U.N. is a club sponsored by Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Nall. Students are assigned a country to represent and given problems to which they need to create solutions. In a conference setting, students are judged on their ability to represent their country and their means to present and write their papers.

At the conference students separated into their committees, began presenting their speeches, and asking others questions about them. “From there we broke off into unmoderated and moderated caucuses. Then we left for lunch and voted on which one would be passed. Ours passed and the alliances did not,” explained Mason Merillat (10), “Model U.N. is a model of the United Nations that simulates what would happen in an actual United Nations conference.” The students grow their speaking and writing skills and are able to understand more of the current issues in the world. “There were points of tension between different nations because sometimes the resolutions we come up with are contradictory,” said Camila Gonzalez (10). This shows how the students from different schools may have had differing perspectives or opinions but they worked together and were able to come up with a solution that compromised all of their ideas. “Model U.N. is super fun and I’ve gotten really close to my peers through it, I’ve built my speaking skills and I’m much more confident in my writing,” said Mikayla Gardias (10). 

Model U.N. did extremely well at their first conference and are excited for their next one at Mesa Community College on February 8th and 9th. The students meet every Monday in N116 from 2:30 to 3:30 and the club lasts from August to February. So be sure to wish Model U.N. good luck before their next competition!