Academic Decathlon


Ava Price

Academic Decathlon is a program that is meant to represent academic excellence in high schools. It functions as both a club and a class, as students are encouraged to enroll in the elective class to get in an extra amount of study time. The club is for students who want to compete but can’t fit the class in their schedule as well as students in the class who want to compete. They meet Monday through Wednesday at C105 or M8 and Thursday at Barnes and Noble to study because students must complete at least 2 hours of study time per week. At the competitions, students are tested in 10 different categories and they are scored out of 10,00 points. The top two student’s scores in each category are added making the team’s overall score. 

The club’s sponsor, Mrs. Turner, talked highly of the club, explaining that they are the state champions and the students are very close to one another. “My favorite part of sponsoring this club is the fact that the kids are very supportive of each other and push each other to be better. They all know they can count on their peers,” said Mrs. Turner (staff). This class provides for a welcoming environment and many students make great friends! “My favorite part of Academic Decathlon is spending a lot of my time being around all my friends. I’m looking forward to the Williams Field Invitational because I was the number one scholastic and I want to keep my status,” said Jake Grieshabe (12). Many enjoy the competition and push themselves to do better. “I also want to keep up my status as the first place varsity and challenge myself to do so,” said Tyler Thornton (12). Academic Decathlon is a great learning experience for many and provides a lot of community.

Overall, Academic Decathlon is a wonderful club for anyone who wants to join and is willing to put in the hours. This past weekend they even placed first in the Williams Field Invitational and are moving forward to regionals! So be sure to congratulate your fellow huskies on their performance this past weekend!