Long Live Rock and Roll Auditions

Julia Carson

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Last week Hamilton’s theatre department held auditions for the spring play, Long Live Rock and Roll. Auditions were January 7th through January 10th after school in the auditorium. This play is about a school embracing the sound of rock and roll as well as the different well-known singers, for example, Elvis Presley. Anyone was welcome to try out, no experience required. Students just had to show up and give it their all!

Some people who auditioned returned from first semester’s tryouts, ready to give another play a shot. “I was in the musical our school had the first semester and absolutely loved the experience. I thought it would be super fun to possibly be in another play as well,” said Melanie Harvill (11). Frozen Jr was a big production and lots of fun for those in the play and even for the people that helped backstage. Our school has a wonderful Theatre class and will teach you different skills for being in a play. “Taking Theater classes really helped. They help you learn how to speak in front of crowds. Theater teaches you to project and add inflection to your voice. Also, the positive energy from others really helped,” stated Nick Jefferson (11). There are also the ups and downs of trying out for a school play but having a support system along the way to make things less stressful. “My role requires me to fake faint on stage several times so I had to learn to faint in a way that doesn’t hurt myself. I get a lot of help from my friends too and they helped me make stronger choices” Jamie Baumgartner (10) said. A huge risk in a play is possible injury, anything can happen so practicing it in a way that is safer will benefit you greatly. 

Be sure to check out Long Live Rock and Roll in the future and show your support for Hamilton Theatre. Congratulations to those who made it and great job on your hard work huskies!