8th Grade Tours and Orientation


Ava Price

Tuesday the 21st, Hamilton held their 8th-grade orientation in order for students to learn more about the classes they may want to take in the next year. Previous to this, many different middle schools came to Hamilton for the career and technical education (CTE) tours and were able to see the CTE options that are available for them to take in the coming years. The orientation was similar to this with the exception that they were able to see other classes, such as their core classes, some of the fine art classes, or clubs.

Many teachers and students were eager to share their classes with the incoming students and try to persuade them to take the class. Booths were set up and things were laid out to give students an idea of what happened in the classes. “I hope that students sign up for the class because it teaches them a lot of skills and we also get to go on a trip open to all students who take photography. I’m actually going to LA tomorrow with photography,” said Mr. McKinnon (staff). Many classes have unique opportunities for the students and give them a chance to travel and experience more of the world and strengthen their skills. “Students can see that there are many different facets of agriculture and that it really just affects everything in the world around us. Everything in the world is agriculture or needs it,” Mrs. Gutierrez stated (staff). Agriculture was another class with a booth set up. They had one of their chickens out and it was key for attracting a crowd. This class teaches students about the world and natural life, as they raise a chicken throughout the year. Clubs were also at the orientation. “STUGO is a great club and elective to take because it gives students the ability to change the events that go on in the school and make students more apt to reach out to others and figure out what the students want to see more of in their school,” said Francesca Martin (10).

Overall, the 8th-grade tours pose as a great opportunity for students to have an understanding of the classes that they may take next year and talk to students and teachers. It’s a great chance to start to look toward career paths one may be interested in and get a feel for the school!