Pomline Competition in Florida


Julia Carson

Being a member of the Hamilton Pomline means that your sole commitment and responsibility is to promote school spirit and more. They perform at some assemblies throughout the year and they have a lot of pride and energy. They do a really great job at what they do. The Pomline has been around for many years and they plan to continue for many more. Spots aren’t permanent, people can be removed or added accordingly based on attitude, effort, and skill. 

Last week Hamilton’s Pomline left for Florida to compete in a nationwide competition. It lasted from January 31st through February 2nd. There were 49 groups performing in the medium division where our team was. Finishing in the top 20, and concluding the trip with a celebratory visit to Disney World. The girls had loads of fun and bonded with each other creating a stronger relationship for the team. 

The Pom Line is filled with hard workers and earning a spot in the top 20 shows that. They set up skilled routines to impress the judges and the other groups performing. Hamilton is very proud of these girls for their efforts, congrats on making it to the top ladies and keep up the great work!