Senior Sunrise

Zelia Garcia

The first annual senior sunrise for the class of 2020 was on Friday, February 21st and began at 6:20 am and lasted until about 7:20 am on the practice field. Waffle Love, a food franchise that serves all kinds of different waffles and breakfast-like foods, was there selling food. The sunrise was supposed to be at 7:05 am and even though it was cloudy outside and hard to see the actual sunrise, all of the senior class enjoyed the time together while listening to good music.

For Waffle Love, there was only one food truck, causing a super long line in order to just get a waffle. “One small waffle was $8, which for me was a lot of money, but it was really good and I loved the toppings on it!” said Ariana Orlando. The waffles had all kinds of different toppings on them that many people seemed to love the variety. “Meeting up and hanging out with all of my friends made me realize how much I’m going to miss high school,” said Ryker Talbot (12). Even though the sunrise prompted seniors to wake up earlier than they usually would, a lot of them showed up and seemed to have a good time. “We couldn’t see the actual sunrise since it was really cloudy, but nonetheless it was an amazing experience and a nice way to try to get all of the seniors together,” said Jillian Hogan (12). People brought their own blankets and wore pajamas to be comfortable and cozy while outside watching the sunrise. Seniors got to enjoy their food while hanging out with all of their friends in the nice weather.

The senior sunrise was a nice way to bring all of the seniors together. Hamilton has never really done anything like this before, so of course, it was bound to have some errors. However, there were highlights from the event and the senior sunrise will be one that the class of 2020 will remember forever and will be grateful for. Don’t forget to appreciate those around you and soak in all of the memories from high school, because it goes by faster than one may think.