Back to School


Christine Krenke

After almost 8 months of online learning, Hamilton has finally reopened its doors to students for in-person school. So far, the experience has been fine for me, though it feels a bit surreal to actually be in a classroom now that I’ve adjusted to studying through Chandler Online Academy and Google Classroom. 

I’m only returning for three of my classes, while the rest remain on COA. I go to two of my in-person classes on odd days and the other on even days. I would’ve preferred to have had all of my classes on the same day, but I do get to leave school at 12 in the afternoon every day, which is nice. 

The workload has been relatively light so far, so I’m not stressed about being unable to complete homework on time. However, I do struggle with waking up at 5:30 in the morning. Staying up until midnight during break playing “Among Us” with my friends messed up my sleep schedule. I’ve ended up taking naps immediately after arriving home from school. 

I’ve noticed that each of my teachers have also made adjustments to their classrooms to combat Covid-19. While the desks in my classes haven’t been six feet apart, there are much larger gaps between seats than there were prior to Covid-19. We’ve also been wiping down our tables and seats with disinfectant spray, which makes me feel more comfortable. My only concern so far is lunch, where we sit clustered together at tables without our masks chewing and talking. It seems a bit unsafe, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone contracted the virus because of the lack of social distancing and face coverings. Other than that, in-person school seems relatively safe and easy.