Back to School


Briana Mccauley

Due to our international pandemic, school has been different compared to how it used to be! With starting school online and block day schedules everyday, nothing feels the same. Everyone started their first quarter online, however, for the next few quarters you have the choice to continue being online or going back in person. As I stated before, Hamilton is doing block day schedules everyday. Although the classes seem boring and long, I seem to enjoy it because we only have three classes worth of homework each day instead of six. For the most part, I like my classes. I usually don’t like math, but since I like my teacher, it’s one of my favorites as of right now.

It was very interesting seeing everyone in person when I was so used to seeing them on a screen. There’s some people who I thought were going to be short but ended up being really tall. So far I like how school is going, but it’s really hard juggling it with Cheer  practice because I’m tired all the time. Practice takes up a lot of my energy and I don’t sleep very well at night, so I’m always exhausted during the day. Overall, I have high hopes for this year and I think it’s going to be a good one!