Back To School


Connie‌ ‌Escobar‌

October 13 of 2020, the last first day of my high school career. I left my house around 6:45am even though I only live four minutes from the school. On my way to school I got the chills, maybe it was the excitement to see my friends again or maybe it was the anxiety of entering the school parking lot filled with kids that have just received their licenses. As soon as I parked my car my friends came running to me. Our half an hour conversation consisted of us speaking about our last year together. Once the clock struck 7:15am, groups of seniors came out of their car ready to begin their last year. I was pretty anxious to enter my STEM class, however I really enjoyed it. Reading about Henrietta Lacks, the person whose immortal cells created the cure to polio, was an amazing start to my first day. My teacher was very kind, despite the things people say about her. My second class was Journalism, the class I was so eager to enter this year. While the class itself wasn’t bad, I was quite sad knowing I didn’t have lunch with my friends for my final year. Lunch was quite lonely since I only sat with my friend Tyler who I only speak to during practice and team parties. Coming back to journalism felt odd since I was so use to going to my next class after lunch.  Finally, my third class came along, which at this point I just wanted the school day to end. College Algebra had to be the longest class of the day. Maybe it was my hatred for math or maybe it was just the senioritis kicking in, but I really didn’t want to be there. After two long hours of math I could go home, or so I thought. Before I left school I received a message from my coach stating we will be having practice at 3:15pm. “An easy workout, it’s too hot to do anything too killer,” is what I thought. Little did I know I was extremely wrong. We ended up doing five miles and three sets of three hills in 103 degree weather.  At last my last first day was over, I would have never thought that my senior year would be so killer.