First Impressions for the First Week of School


school building icon over white background, blue shading design. vector illustration

Jacob Nguyen

The first week of my sophomore year during the Coronavirus pandemic was more different than any other school year. Because of the virus, masks must be worn at all times during class time. The masks reduce the chances of someone getting infected when exposed to other people. The masks aren’t the most fun thing to wear all day, but I can tolerate it. There are built-in hand sanitizers in every class to use before starting the next period. Before sitting down, teachers tell me to clean my hands with the hand sanitizer. Though many efforts are being made to slow the spread, it seems impossible to remain 6 feet apart. An example of this are the lunches. Lunch time is the only time where students may take off their masks. The virus can easily spread as crowds at lunch remain in close proximity to each other without their masks on. 

For the classes, it seems like the days run on even or odd class schedules. This means that you will not go to all of your classes everyday. Some of my classes have opted for paperless work by moving onto google classroom. Some other classes only partly use google classroom. On my odd day schedule, all of my classes are coincidentally paperless for the most part. These classes are English, Journalism and Ceramics. For my even day schedule, all of my classes use paper. These classes are Science, Spanish and Math. 

This year seems like it will be incredibly different from any of my past years, but that shouldn’t get in the way of my academic progress. I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of my 3 quarters while following social distancing.