Hamilton’s Social Workers Help Reduce Student Stress With Mindfulness Room


Morgan Nelson

Are you feeling stressed? Hamilton’s social workers Ms. Rastogi and Ms. Julianne are determined to spread awareness and understanding of the benefits of practicing mindfulness.  Being mindful means being completely aware of what’s happening in the present moment, and noticing your own feelings, thoughts and sensations as they happen. This break from the stress of life can be very pleasant as it can take one’s focus off of what they can’t control (like the past or the future) and can even reduce symptoms of things like depression and anxiety.  As people, and especially as teenagers, it is important to keep in mind the importance of mental health when dealing with anything from school stress to life at home and with peers. This is why our schools social workers are committed to giving the student body a place to go to practice mindfulness. “I am still just as dedicated to helping families and students through hard times just as I was eighteen years ago when I started as a social worker” Mrs. Rastogi said. This school year with the changes due to the pandemic it is especially important for students to pay attention to their mental state and get the help they need. Right now because of the COVID 19 outbreak the mindfulness room can hold eight participants at a time, so if you want to set up a session with either of the schools social workers you can email or stop by their office, anyone is welcome!