What’s Next for the Quarantined Students?

What’s Next for the Quarantined Students?

Morgan Nelson

Many students here at Hamilton High School are stuck at home in quarantine because of the excessive amount of absences due the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Students that are affected by the virus and test positive for COVID are required to self quarantine and take a test until it comes back negative. Not only does this affect the students infected with the virus, it affects all students that have come in contact with that person. Students that have been within 6 feet of that infected student for 15 minutes or more are required to quarantine for two weeks.

Until recently, students have had no way of being in the class to stay caught up other than with emails and google classroom assignments. Teachers and students have now been given the opportunity to teach their class in person and on live for the students at home. “It’s very challenging in many ways” said a student who is currently quarantined. “Keeping up with my work is hard and there’s not a lot of motivation, but it is easier now that I can be in the class rather than sitting at home lost.”

With this option, students can do their best to join the meets and keep up with their classmates in this difficult time, as well as continue to be socially distanced in the comfort of their home.