2020: Let’s Talk About it


Jacob Nguyen

If I were to describe this year of 2020 in one word, it would be “change”. The things that would make this year “bad”, are also the same things that make the ups so much better. When the Coronavirus was first discovered in China, nobody would have thought that it would completely change the way we live. When I left my classroom to eagerly await spring break, I never would have thought that the year would’ve been cut short. 

This change has made me discover new things and passions. While stuck at home, I was able to start spending time with my brother by playing board games such as chess. With the lockdown, I was also able to get a good amount of sleep. I could stay up for many hours without worrying about having to wake up early in the morning. And when online school was introduced, I actually enjoyed it. Not only could I get a good amount of sleep, I could also have an abundance of free time when work was done. Teachers gave a certain amount of work for the week, and I could manage which tasks I wanted to do at any time. When I was done with the few hours of work, I ended the day early by doing whatever I wanted. Another huge bonus of this situation was that I didn’t need to take any final exams.

With the many months of staying home over long periods of time, I made sure to be grateful for the up sides of the pandemic. During the month of July, I had the inspiration to play the piano. I ended up getting a piano for my birthday and have been playing with it ever since. With the first quarter of my next school year being online, I was able to use the free time I had between classes to work on my skills. When the time came to return back to school in-person, many of the things in our daily life went back to normal with the exception of some social distancing rules. 

In conclusion, though the virus has heavily impacted my life in many ups and downs, the lockdown has made me enjoy the many new things. When met with such a drastic change in life, I was able to experience so many more things.