An Unconventional Thanksgiving


Christine Krenke

Large family parties have come to a hold this Thanksgiving as coronavirus cases continue to climb. While it is not mandatory to stay inside, experts recommend only gathering with immediate family whom you’ve been living with for at least 14 days.

Following CDC guidelines, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with just my mother, father, and sister this year. While I’m sad I won’t be able to go to my Aunt DeAnna’s house (which is a bit of a tradition in my family), I feel much safer spending time with only my close relatives. 

Despite how bizarre 2020 has been so far, I am incredibly grateful for a variety of things, specifically, the people and pets in my life. Quarantining with my family for several months was not the most pleasant experience (all of us got moody and bored very easily). However, I’m so lucky to have them all in my life, and I appreciate how loving and supportive they are of me. My friends have also been amazing this past year. Even though we couldn’t hang out in-person, we all still found ways to spend time together regularly. They all hooked me on “Among Us”, and I just can’t stop playing it (or talking about it). My dogs, Will and Hopper, have cheered me up a ton during quarantine as well. I seriously don’t know how I was able to live without pets for 16 years of my life. They are so fun and adorable, even when they’re chewing on my shoes. 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, Huskies!