Ava’s Winter Break Reflection

Ava Vaita

The first winter break in the pandemic. Everyone was anxious before the start of the break because we all knew everything was going to be so much worse with the virus after the holidays. Not too long before the break teachers were going on strikes to get the schools shut down. They can’t afford to get sick since there aren’t enough teachers or substitutes in the district. It’s getting to the point where schools are shutting down again, it is becoming too dangerous for the schools to stay open.

There were two types of people over this winter break, there were the ones who stayed home and followed Covid’s safety guidelines. On the other hand, there were people still traveling, partying on New Year’s eve, going to big family gatherings, visiting all of their friends as if they forgot that we are in a global pandemic. It will be those people who partook in making this virus even worse. It will be those same people who will complain about the schools being shut down and having to wear masks everywhere.

I wonder, will they ever realize they brought this upon themselves? When will we all realize that we brought this upon ourselves? Think back to earlier this year when people tried not to even acknowledge the pandemic. There are still people who refuse to wear masks, they refuse to social distance, and they refuse to even believe the virus is real in most cases. Then they will continue to ask “why is this happening to us?” There have been over 24 million cases of Covid and almost 400 thousand have died so far in the United States. But no. We all had a great winter break. Right guys? Didn’t you all have fun at those parties? I hope you did and I hope it was worth it.