Ava’s Virtual Learning Reflection

Ava Vaita

Since we have come back to online school for the second time this year a lot of things have changed. Now that we are back this time the class actually knows each other and we have actually seen each other in person. This made kids feel more confident in turning on their cameras and mics while in class, making the online classroom feel like more or a classroom. People have started participating more because of this. If there were mistakes kids had made in the first quarter, this is now a chance to reflect and improve yourself while we are online again. More kids have started taking online seriously, which has started making virtual learning actually effective.

There are definitely mixed feelings towards returning to school and staying online. The safer option is to stay online, but many people have a hard time learning virtually or they don’t have a good household to do online school in. Some students really need a physical classroom environment. We do not know if schools will be reopening and all we can do is hope that our school board will make a good decision. If we open the schools will the numbers continue to rise?