Online Again

Christine Krenke

After three months of in-person learning at Hamilton High, students are returning to google classroom for virtual learning sessions. Teens are expected to stay online until Tuesday, Jan. 19, though that date may change depending on the number of Covid cases at the time.

I personally do not mind being back online. I’ve spent two whole quarters full online and last quarter half online and half in-person, so I’m used to doing schoolwork from home. My new ceramics class is a bit difficult to do virtually, though. None of us have the necessary tools and equipment to actually make sculptures, so instead we’ve resorted to taking powerpoint notes on elements of art. We’ve also worked with everyday objects in our homes (such as styrofoam cups and toothpicks) to make sculptures. It’s not as interesting as actual sculpting, but it works for the time being. 

Journalism is also more difficult to do online. Interviews now have to be conducted through call. I didn’t have any problem with that first quarter, but my computer microphone and camera recently stopped working, so now I have to do all the interviews on my phone. This is an issue since I typically use my phone as a recording device for interviews, which I can’t do simultaneously with a call going. I don’t have any other recording device, so I just have to quickly jot down what my interviewee is saying. 

Despite these new found complications, though, online school is relatively fine for me, and it’ll only last for a few more days (assuming we start Tuesday).