Returning to Campus

Christine Krenke

Once again, Hamilton High School students are returning to in-person learning. Originally, teens were expected to be back in school on Jan. 6. However, after further looking into the number of Covid-19 cases in the valley, the Chandler Unified School District board decided to postpone the return of students until January 19. 

I still personally feel that we should remain online. According to the New York Times, there are more than 437 thousand cases of coronavirus as of today in Maricopa County alone. That number frightens me, and I believe Hamilton High, while doing its best to keep students socially distanced, is still highly unprepared to prevent an outbreak in school. Desks are spaced out, but not fully six feet apart. Halls are cramped tightly with teens (regardless of new pathway markers set up to lessen crowds), and students take off their masks for extended periods of time at lunch. Teachers, staff, and kids are sure to contract the virus with these conditions. 

I personally learn much better online, too. I feel less anxious and stressed being able to work at my own pace through Chandler Online Academy and Google Classroom. However, I’m coming back to in-person school for three classes because they really only work in-person (ceramics requires a lot of school materials that I don’t have at home and journalism relies on me interviewing other students). 

On the bright side, I’m able to see my friends at lunch and chat with them. I can also go back to writing more interesting segments for the school paper. While online, we weren’t able to interview people around campus, so most of our articles were focused on our classmates and how virtual learning was going. Now, I can get back to entertainment pieces.