Jacob’s Virtual Learning Reflection

Jacob Nguyen

With the end of winter break, the concern of Corona Virus cases coming back to schools was high. On the night before school, the Chandler Unified School District announced that virtual learning would take over for the next two weeks of the third quarter. 

Overall, with the end of the first week, it’s time to reflect on how different online learning in the third quarter compares to in-person. For waking up and going to school, it’s easier because I don’t have to physically get up and walk to class. During virtual learning however, classwork can be slightly more distracting with electronics and devices. The things that I miss from going in-person is that I can’t see some of my friends in class. I also prefer writing on paper rather than typing on a document. With that being said, virtual learning has benefits such as free time and being able to eat at any time

For virtual learning, I personally never had any problems with technology, although some of my teachers have had problems with presenting their screens. I didn’t have to share my device or watch any of my siblings either. 

In conclusion, there is one more week left on virtual learning until it possibly returns to in-person. CUSD will be having a meeting on Jan. 13 to discuss whether or not it is safe to return. Whichever path we take, I hope that we can remain safe during these uncertain times.