Jordan’s Virtual Learning Reflection

Jordan Bivins

With one week of second semester virtual learning under my belt I’m confident in saying that it hasn’t changed much. Besides some of my classes’ format changing and attendance being different it feels a lot like my first quarter this year.  I honestly like online classes just fine. I’m able to learn on my own most of the time and I’m not as overwhelmed and distracted as I am at in person class. It was already my plan to take these first two weeks online so what I’m doing now isn’t much different than what I would’ve done anyway. 

I will have to say sitting at my desk for two hours staring at a computer screen can get a bit repetitive but I do like having lunch at home and being able to take breaks during classes. So far I haven’t had any technology issues besides slow wifi. I am lucky to have a separate room than my siblings so we don’t have to share any technology or bother each other. My sister is also old enough to handle her own technology and classwork so I don’t have to monitor her. Lastly I am thankful that my district was kind enough to decide that going online was the safest option for the students and for my teachers who have been nothing but helpful and accommodating during these times of confusion. Thank you for all you do, and for all the students who are struggling during these times remember that it will get better and to stay safe.