Back to School

Jacob Nguyen

On Jan. 4, the Chandler Unified School District announced a two week-long virtual instruction period. This action was made to lower the coronavirus spread from students after the winter holidays and was to be re-visited on Jan. 13. After the meeting on Wednesday, the school board decided that in-person classes were to resume on Jan. 19. 

Personally, I was not in favor of the decision to return to school, but I could understand some of the arguments that were made to return. Some parents say that their kids have a much harder time learning online than in-person. As for me, I’m usually not affected by the virtual learning online.

Though I feel it would be a better decision to stay online, I’m not too upset about going back. I don’t think adjusting to in-person will be a problem because I previously prepared for school to reopen after the break. I am looking forward to seeing and chatting with my friends in school.

When it comes to returning back to school, my biggest concern I had from the previous quarter was lunchtime. At a regular table, two students would be allowed to sit opposite to each other. Why is this a problem? The tables aren’t large enough to maintain social distancing, especially when two students have their mask down talking to each other. When it comes to classrooms, I think that they’re relatively okay in their social distancing depending on the seating format. Hallways can become a bit crowded at times when students are moving around.

With the beginning of in-person classes starting after the Martin Luther King holiday, I hope that the students returning will maintain their social distancing, and that the staff will hopefully be able to reinforce it. I’m sure that cases will increase as students are sat in closed classes, but hopefully we will try our best at reducing the spread in this learning environment.