Back to School in Person

Ava Vaita

After the winter break school was temporarily moved back to virtual learning. After the temporary setback with setting up online classrooms and meetings, school will be beginning in person once again. Though if the Covid numbers rise drastically after this time we return there is no assurance that we won’t be doing online school for the rest of the school year. The virus precautions the school has been taking have proved to just not be enough. With case numbers rising daily nowhere is really safe. Personally, I prefer learning in person rather than online because I prefer a physical learning environment instead of a virtual one. Many kids have to deal with many factors during their day such as their family, the technology they’re working on, and their availability to the internet. Many kids have fallen behind in their grades due to virtual learning. 

Others have also benefited and they find learning in an online environment better because they have more time in their day to do what they like, they also don’t have to wear a mask all day and get ready for school. The virus numbers have been rising daily and we do not know if the decision to return to school will be very safe, is it a risk we are willing to take? Yes. If not, kids always have the ability to participate in COA online learning where they work online at their own pace. There are a few different ways students can approach going back to school since returning to actual school is a controversial decision. 


It is being left to the students to uphold the Covid-19 safety precautions to keep our schools healthy and open. We do not know if returning will be the best decision but all we can do is try to make use of our time and try to keep the schools open.