Jacob’s Spring Break Reflection

Jacob Nguyen

Nearing the end of the third quarter, I was excited for a break. For me at least, the third quarter felt very long even with the start of online classes during the beginning of the first two weeks. Though we would usually have a traditional two week break, it was cut down to only one week as a result of increasing the summer break due to the Coronavirus. 

During the break, I stayed home and spent the majority of my time playing video games or reading manga. I was able to stay up all the way to 12 midnight and sleep all the way to 10 a.m. 

On the weekends, I visited my brother when he worked on Saturdays and would hang out with him at night when we went out to eat. On Sundays, I was alone at home and did nothing until my brother came home from work. During the weekdays, I would sleep in while my brother had to attend classes online for college as he didn’t have a third quarter break. 

Now that the one week break is over, I can say that it felt fast and short at the same time. During the weekdays, it felt like the days were passing by fast, but the break as a whole felt very long. It felt weird coming back to school because it felt like I was away for a month. When I came back, around half of my classes had changes to the seating chart; Overall, I’m content with where I sit in most of my classes. Now, I hope to finish and enjoy the remainder of my sophomore year.