Morgan’s Spring Break

Morgan Nelson

This year’s spring break ended up being a lot of fun for me. To start, me and my six family members stayed up in the snow in Pinetop. We did so many things like snow boarding and playing in the snow. Everything was very COVID friendly as well as my family likes to stay safe.

After that trip we stopped back home and me, my sister and my mom went up to Jerome. We went to all the different shops and stayed in a haunted hotel. We also took a tour of the town and searched for ghosts and energies. When we got home we stayed home mostly, I hung out with my friend that I haven’t seen in months which was so fun. On the last Saturday and Sunday of break I had work all day, which isn’t ideal, but I was happy because Sunday was my last day working at Wendys! Finally, on Monday I had orientation to start work at Starbucks! I’m so excited about it. Overall my break ended up to be full of fun.