Christine’s Spring Break Reflection

Christine Krenke

I spent a lot of my spring break on discord and Netflix. Because Covid-19 is still persistent, I wanted to spend the majority of my time indoors. My friends and I binged Attack on Titan online together, and we also did a “powerpoint night” where we each presented a powerpoint on a topic we were interested in. 

I went out a few times to see people, though we all wore masks and followed Covid-19 safety guidelines. My girlfriend and I went to Barnes and Noble and a couple stores to look for clothes for summer, and I went with my friend group to the park to play some board games. I also did a baking twitch stream at my house with two of my friends where we made chocolate chip cookies, blueberry cheesecake, and cakepops. The cookies and cake pops were good, but the cheesecake was a little burnt and gross. 

Nothing much else happened over the break. It was mostly uneventful, but I enjoyed the time off to relax.