Ava’s Reflection

Avas Reflection

Ava Vaita

This year I wrote a lot of school articles and I wrote about a lot of other articles. Some of my favorite articles were the articles I did on the Debate team. I got to write articles about all of the debate events and awards they got to win and I loved seeing the Speech and Debate team’s  progress throughout the year. Especially because some of my friends were also on the team. My school year was really academically rocky for me. This year I got the worst grades I’ve ever had in my life and I struggled harder in school than ever. Grades aside, I’ve made so many friends and done so many things. This year is the most popular I’ve ever been. I’ve been going to hang out with friends and going to kickbacks and swimming and doing so many other activities with them. I’m really thankful that I could make a lot of friends for once. This summer I plan on continuing to hang out with my friends and to work hard to be even better at everything next year. I will also be joining a roller derby team and working on improving my skills as an artist. I hope that by next year I can improve myself educationally, artistically, and physically.