Briana’s Reflection


Briana McCauley

This year was quite the year, filled with many ups and downs. However, I enjoyed this year overall. For journalism, I covered boys, beach, and girls volleyball, as well as boys golf, softball, track and field, and soccer. I really liked covering volleyball because I got to learn about all aspects of it. I never ended up interviewing people because of covid, but I would’ve liked to so I could get an inside look at the team and the athletes involved. 

Besides academics, I had an interesting school year when it came to my friends and things outside of school. I do all-star cheer, and I got to travel to Florida at the end of April, where we ended up placing third in the country, which was loads of fun. I also met lots of new people and got close to them, as well as lost a few people. Whether we drifted or it ended badly, I’m still very happy I met them since they were a part of my life and my journey growing up. My plans for this summer are to visit my best friend in Tucson and stay with her for a couple weeks. Besides that, I am probably going to just relax, and hangout with some other friends. COVID aside, I enjoyed my experience at Hamilton and being a freshman. I definitely grew as a person and discovered many things about myself I didn’t know.