Jacob’s Reflection: A Reflection on This Year


Jacob Nguyen

Due to the Coronavirus, I’m sure everybody could agree with me that things were different. Starting the year online, many of us had to adjust to the changes that followed. But overall, I enjoyed this school year. 

For me, there wasn’t anything that I would see as bad. Due to the Coronavirus, everybody had become more safe through social distancing and masks. We ended up working together to solve the pandemic. 

After the first quarter, I began to write weekly stories in Journalism about current events and news. I wrote about everything from global warming issues to the Coronavirus pandemic. Because I didn’t have social studies this year, Journalism was the perfect replacement as it helped me learn about what was going on in the world. CNN 10 allowed me to understand the major events that happened daily, and the stories I wrote helped me learn more about what I was writing about. 

Some of my favorite stories to write about were on the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing rules were put in place. This meant that learning about Covid-19 was especially important, and writing stories about it helped me learn more about the disease. 

This summer, I plan to study and pass my permit test during my off days. I will also spend time working for my family. I will use this time to also relax and prepare for my next year as a Junior.