Jordan’s Reflection Article


Jordan Bivins

No matter the circumstances or background everyone can agree that this school year has been the craziest and weirdest yet. From starting off my highschool experience online, to almost having my soccer season canceled this year has been different from any other. That goes for the current event beat as well. From covering the 2020 presidential election, to coronavirus updates to mental health discussions. Writing for the Paw Print has given me the place to learn and write about some of the most important events of this school year. 

Of all the stories I wrote this year my favorites have to be “The Importance of Your Ballot” or “Covid Fatigue”. In both of these articles I gave my opinion on the current events that were surrounding us at that time. They were definitely harder to write about but in the end I feel the most proud of them.

Overall from writing for the Paw Print I learned that it’s important to get multiple perspectives and do your research. It’s so easy to believe anything you see on social media but it’s important to do your research and look at the issue from many points of view before deciding your stance. What you see on social media is not always true and blindly believing it could lead to problems. 

Besides my time on the Paw Print my freshman year was definitely something. There were many hard transitions and changes but in the end I think I will look back at this year with pride. I’m excited to be a Sophomore and see what’s to come in my high school career. Thank you to all who read my articles this year, it means more than you know.