Homecoming 2021

Ash Espinosa

On Saturday, Sept. 4 Hamilton High School will be hosting their annual homecoming, this year the homecoming will be held outside. 

Homecoming is a High School tradition usually held at the beginning of fall (August and/or September). It marks the beginning of school and football season. It is held to celebrate welcoming new and current students. Usually surrounding a main event like a dance or a game. All four years of High School can attend homecoming. People are usually partnered with a person or a group of friends.

Hamilton’s homecoming consists of a football game to start the season and a dance to welcome new and current students. This year freshman and varsity will be the two homecoming games. The freshman game will be held afterschool on September 1 and the varsity game will be held after school on Sept. 3, they will both be facing Desert Ridge Jaguars. The dance will take place on Saturday, Sept. 4 starting at 7 p.m through 10 p.m.

The week on homecoming Hamilton High School showed their spirit, the school held their spirit week, which consisted of the following: Monday- Husky Gear, Tuesday- Sports Gear, Wednesday- PJ’s, Thursday- twin day and Friday- grade color code. Each day went with the theme of homecoming, a popular board game called “Clue.” The mystery surrounding homecoming is the missing mascot. The school has played the detective role by decorating the hallways with posters and announcements about the case, like evidence boards and possible suspects. The dress code this year was casual. Probably due to the heat outside. Weather reports estimate a range of about 79 to 100 degrees on Saturday, the average weather based on this and the past week.

People will be able to buy their online ticket online on ’GoFans,” this year students are able to bring a partner from outside the school. Information about homecoming is said on the announcements everyday the week of homecoming, allowing students to not forget and get ready. 

This homecoming will be the first since the pandemic COVID-19 started, last year’s homecoming was cancelled. With COVID still being around and new variant Delta spreading to more people and cases rising again there are concerns about the dance. Hamilton will be hosting the homecoming outside this year for a more open socially distanced atmosphere. However with Arizona’s lift on mask requirements the school can not enforce any mask inside or outside. Will the outside strategy work to prevent spread of COVID will be seen the following week.