Arizona Bus Drivers Shortages


Jia Talreja

All Arizona schools are having school bus driver shortages during the 2021-2022 school year.

Bus driver shortages could mean changes for the students and staff. Every time the schools get a new bus and driver they do a check up on the bus and the driver. This is normal for the regular bus drivers as well. This means that the administrators show concern for the students and they are doing their best to keep them safe. 

A reason that there are bus driver shortages is people think that driving kids around all day is boring. Bus Driver Alston thinks differently. “This is a lot more exciting and rewarding than any other job I’ve ever done.” Alston told ABC15. Alston says that the students are the best part and he is very flexible with schedules. Alston lists many different things that districts have to take into account before deciding how many drivers and routes they need. Many districts are looking at these factors and putting out the information of how many drivers they need, including Chandler Unified School District.