Corona: Brock’s POV

Corona:  Brock’s POV

Brock London

I remember asking my aunt, an epidemiologist, how bad the coronavirus could get, and being told it’s not as bad as the media is portraying it to be. Also, the facts that there have been more deaths with the flu. I don’t think any American would be prepared for the rise of the numbers from ten cases to over a thousand in days. Or the constant updates of death tolls of a single day breaking records. New York was certainly not prepared, where only a while ago over fifty-percent of the population was infected. Now how much could it have grown? What about all of the millions of Americans who are unemployed desperately trying to find jobs, but don’t want to bring their families to risk. For me, that’s my mom. A nurse on the front lines of the epidemic who must continue to work despite the chances of her catching this disease. 

Asking my mom what it is like being a nurse at this time is answered with one word. “Hectic.” My mom had to be given medical supplies for her protection. This includes an N-95 mask, a safety precaution that covers the nose and mouth to help protect its wearer from breathing in some hazardous substances. Although these supplies are available now in Arizona I can’t imagine what my mom will do if or when these supplies run out. “My job gives me a mask to protect myself, I’m able to cover my face completely which is a great thing that not everyone in this country is able to do,” says my mom. However, despite these precautions my mom is still not immune to the virus; neither am I or my brother. When my mom pulls into the garage me and my brother already know to have a towel out for her. There she changes her clothes and puts on the towel. Upon walking in my mom puts her phone in a UV light device for as she says, “to kill the germs.” Then she goes to throw her clothes in the washer to be washed immediately. After taking a shower she is ready to finally settle down in her own home.

So, how do I feel about Corona? Same answer as my mom; hectic. It’s bad enough to see everything on the news but knowing my mom is out there makes it even worse. All we can do is keep taking the precautions we have set up, and hope for the best.