COVID-19: How this vicious disease put an end to senior year…


Connor Manning

It’s awful. Absolutely heartbreaking. When I was sitting in the car on my way to Canes during lunch on March 6th, 2020, I was not thinking that this was going to be my last time inside the walls of Hamilton High. There’s an old saying that goes, “You don’t know how much you appreciate something, till it’s gone.” That is honestly how I feel about what is happening right now. Throughout High school I had always felt mixed feelings about school, loving it some days, dreading it others. Now as I reflect and truly grasp at the fact that I’ll never step foot inside Hamilton again, it brings out all the emotions on my end. 

It’s a tough situation at my house right now. I live with two brothers around my age, and two parents. The cabin fever is just radiating all over our house on a consistent basis. “It can be really stressful at times because when we start to get at each other’s throats, we can retreat to go places and cool down, but that’s all gone now,” stated my younger brother Brendan Manning, who was going to graduate as well. While at first, it wasn’t necessarily a terrible thing to get a little bit more time off from school, it wasn’t until we found out that it was for the rest of the year, it was then we started to feel the most regret. “I just feel that there’s a feeling of unclarity”, said my other senior brother, Hayden. “All the cool things we get to do in the fourth quarter, we can’t now. It’s very unsettling”. I think by far the worst thing we are missing out on, is senior prom and ditch day. 

My parents aren’t immune to this horrible situation either, as my dad is constantly having trouble getting his workers to come into the office, and now that my Mom can’t sub, she’s having trouble staying active and doing stuff throughout the day. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that she’s gone through 13 SEASONS of Grey’s Anatomy during this time. Yeah, for real. All in all, I think this is a huge reeling point in the face of history for us all, and we should all be grateful that we don’t have the worst of it, but also recognize what this virus has done to our lives, and how it will change it going forward. #GoHuskies