Rona in the World of Journalism


Ava Price

Unfortunately, as we are all experiencing, COVID-19 has put a rather odd twist on things, and the world of journalism and media is no exception to this. Many are reporting from home just as we are for the PawPrint. My beat in the newspaper has been drastically changed. With no more school events and no more school period, the number of things that students may be interested in reading about is limited. This makes our job or writing a lot harder. Instead of writing about prom and graduation and baseball season, we are writing about coronavirus and the shift in our lives because of it.

Coronavirus started as a joke to many. Many still don’t take it seriously, but as the media moves to home and many are reporting out of their own quarters, the take on journalism has become different. It’s less hands-on and interactive. Instead, phone calls are made and emails are being sent out, some may consider it less personable. “I think that the shift from in-person to at home has made things a lot harder, it’s a lot harder for students to feel connected to what they are writing because it no longer involves the school and events they are looking forward to,” said Mikayla Gardias. The entire world is revolving around the virus and the media is constantly updating only this subject. “I think COVID-19 gives students less to write about and the news is only surrounding the disease, everything else is less important under it,” said Xane Glover. Corona has many feeling nostalgic for their life before the madness. “It’s honestly getting kinda depressing to hear about,” said Breanna Tupy, “I miss going out with friends and hearing about things other than COVID-19 on the news.”

Overall, with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the mass of information in the media, my beat has been impacted greatly. There’s not much to write about other than the disease and how it is affecting students and it’s led to a loss of motivation to do many things. Corona has put the world of journalism in the sole position of reporting almost only on the disease and its current position. So with all this in mind, stay safe Huskies!